Representative Real Estate Projects

Practice Overview For Matters Other Than Common Interest Subdivisions

I represented the seller, buyer, lender, borrower, tenant or other entity in each of the following real estate matters. In over 38 years of practicing real estate law, I have been involved in far more projects than those listed below. These projects are listed as representative samples of my work in the areas of purchase and sale transactions, financing transactions and lease transactions.

For representative samples of the work I do for developers and subdividers, read about some of my recent common interest subdivision projects.

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Purchase and Sale Transactions

Moreno Valley Property: Represented the seller of a 17,000-square foot industrial building in Moreno Valley, California.

Riverside Property: Represented the seller of a two-tenant, 50,000 square foot industrial building in Riverside, California. The building included 3,250 square feet of interior offices.

Desert Nursery: Represented the purchaser of 14 acres of vacant land (formerly used as a nursery) in Moreno Valley, California. The purchaser intends to develop the property with a 300-unit apartment project. The purchase also included the seller's rights under a cell site lease. Although the agreement is a purchase agreement, the deal was structured as a long term option to purchase.

SCGA Golf Course: Represented the purchaser of an 18-hole golf course in Murrietta, California. The purchase also included the purchase of the restaurant and pro shop in the clubhouse, the course name and other intellectual property, the customer lists and the golf course inventory. During the acquisition, the client obtained a new liquor license from the ABC.

Los Alamitos Property: Represented the seller of a small commercial building in Los Alamitos, California.

Cell Site: Represented the seller of an industrial building that had an appurtenant cell site. The seller retained the rights as landlord under the cell site lease.

CHLA Purchase: Represented the seller of improved property in Los Angeles, California, to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles pursuant to a modified (and seller oriented) version of the AIR Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Financing Transactions

Residential Homes Construction Loan: Represented the lender in connection with a $2,000,000 acquisition and development loan to a borrower to acquire 19 buildable lots and appurtenant improvements (such as perimeter streets, storm drains and landscaping) in San Bernardino, California. The loan was made in two phases and required the completion and sale of a certain number of homes in the first phase as a condition to funding the second phase.

Pearce Street Loan: Represented the lender in connection with a loan to a borrower to acquire four buildable lots and appurtenant improvements in Huntington Beach, California. This was also a two-phase loan.

Credit Facility: Represented two California entities as borrowers in connection with a $150,000,000 secured credit facility to those entities and several other entities in other states. The credit facility was made to finance the operation of a number of building materials stores across the country. I gave the California legal opinion on behalf of the California entities.

Note Extension and Pledge Agreement: Represented the lender in connection with the extension of the due date of a note and the securitization of that note.

Beach Creek Resort Apartments: Represented the borrower in connection with the refinancing of an apartment project with a $5,000,000 Fannie Mae loan. My work included a borrower's counsel opinion letter.

Lido at Shandon Hills: Represented the borrower in the deannexation of the 336 unsold units in five of the 10 phases of a failed condominium project in San Bernardino, California, and the financing of those deannexed phases with a $22,120,000 Freddie Mac apartment loan.

Master Credit Facility: Represented the California entities in connection with the amendment of a $181,450,000 Fannie Mae Master Credit Facility. I issued the borrower's counsel opinion on behalf of these entities.

Golden Oaks: Represented the borrower in connection with the refinancing of the Golden Oaks Apartments in South Pasadena, California, with a $9,750,000 Fannie Mae loan.

Lease Transactions

FaHeTas: Represented the tenant, which leased an in-line store in a shopping center for a Green Tomatos Grill restaurant. The lease was guarantied by my client's principal.

Brand Up: Represented the tenant, which leased a 9,920-square foot stand-alone tech building in Irvine, California.

Conceptual Design: Represented the tenant, which leased a 6045-square foot premises in a multi-tenant building.

South Maple: Represented the tenant which leased a 14,400 square foot warehouse (including 1500 square feet of office space) and an appurtenant 17,000 square foot yard in South San Francisco, California.

Research Drive: Represented the tenant in negotiation and documenting a Subordination and Non-Disturbance Agreement with the lender who had foreclosed on the property.