Recent Common Interest Subdivision Projects

I represented the developer/subdivider in each of the following matters, including all of the documents and legal work required for the clients to obtain public reports from the California Bureau of Real Estate (BRE). Examples of the representation I provide buyers, sellers, tenants, lenders, borrowers and other entities is available here.

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Condominium Conversions

Jasmine Place: A four-phased podium condominium conversion project in Westminster, California. It includes a residential component with 144 units and a commercial component with two stories of underground garage parking. Each component is a separate condominium project and the components relate to each other pursuant to a reciprocal easement agreement. The lower level of parking is a commercial garage providing paid parking for the customers of the shopping center across the street.

The Villa Boutique Living: A 104-unit condominium conversion project in Palm Springs, California. To be able to satisfy Fannie Mae's rigorous pre-sale requirements, the project was divided into three separate condominium communities, each with its own association. The common areas in the project are managed and maintained by one of the community associations for the benefit of the other two communities pursuant to a master reciprocal easement agreement.

Footprints on the Bay: An eight phased condominium conversion project with 212 units in Monterey, California. The subdivider sold units in the first four phases but then was forced to discontinue sales because of the real estate recession that began in 2008. Eventually, one of the original investors purchased the remaining four phases from the lender and operates them as an apartment project. I also represented this investor in negotiating and documenting a mutually satisfactory arrangement between the condominium portion and the apartment portion of the project.

La Providencia: A 33-unit condominium conversion project in Los Angeles, California. It is a podium project that includes an affordable housing unit subject to an agreement with the Los Angeles Housing Department.

Siena in Corona Hills: A multi-phased condominium conversion project in Corona, California. Like the Footprints on the Bay project, the original subdivider discontinued sales because of the real estate recession and the lender foreclosed on the unsold units. I also represented the entity that purchased the unsold units from the bank in connection with that purchase and the subsequent issuance of new public reports in the name of the new owner.

220 30 th Street Condominiums : A two-unit condominium conversion project in Newport Beach, California.

Condominium Projects

Casa de Suenos: An eight-unit single phase condominium project in Torrance, California. The project was completed in 2013 but no units were ever sold and the original developer never obtained a public report. My client purchased the project in 2014.

Main at the Beach: A six-unit single phase condominium project in the Venice area of Los Angeles, California. The project was completed in 2011 and the original developer obtained a public report but no units were ever sold. My client purchased the project in 2014 and I prepared amendments to the original project documents and helped the client obtain an amended public report in its name. Some or all of the units may be used as live-work units pursuant to the requirements of the city's live-work ordinance.

Hollywood and Vine Residences: A 143-unit single phase high-rise condominium project in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California. This condominium project is part of a mixed-use master development that also includes a 305-room W Hotel, a 375-unit apartment project, MTA public transit facilities, a helipad, a historic façade and various other amenities. The condominium component is linked to the other master development components by a complicated set of documents including a master declaration, a hotel/condominium declaration and an MTA Covenant Agreement.

Soho Square: A 94-unit single phase mid-rise podium project in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, California. The project includes live-work units.

Stoneridge: A 15-unit single phase condominium project in Cypress, California. Most of the units share a wall with another unit but otherwise the project is like a planned development.

Shelf Condominium Projects: (A shelf condominium project is an apartment project that is fully entitled to become a condominium project at some point in the future).

Olea: A 34-unit project in Oakland, California. The project includes a retail store that will become a commercial unit when the project is converted to a condominium project.

Summit at Paradise Valley: A 180-unit project in Fairfield, California. The project is subject to an Affordable Housing Agreement requiring certain units to be leased to low and moderate income renters.

Villa de Flores: A 90-unit project in San Diego, California. The project is subject to a Relocation Assistance Agreement requiring the project owner to provide certain relocation benefits to tenants who move out when the project is converted into a condominium project.

Sanchez Villas: A 252-unit project in San Jose, California.

Foxchase: A 144-unit project in San Jose, California, across the street from Sanchez Villas. This project is subject to a Regulatory Agreement requiring that at least 20 percent of the units be rented to low and moderate income renters.

Planned Developments

Stonecourt: A 6-lot single phase planned development in Garden Grove, California.

Pomelo: A 20-lot two-phased planned development in Garden Grove, California.

Belterra: A 15-lot single-phase planned development in Anaheim, California.